Do the hot tubs come with a cover?
Yes, they come with a thermal cover to retain the heat.

Do I have to be in when the hot tub is delivered?
Yes, this is essential. It is so we can show you how to use the hot tub, and take payment if necessary.

Who fills the hot tub?
We fill it using your water supply, using our hose.

How long does it take to set up and fill?
Setting up only takes a few minutes, and filling the hot tub depends on your water pressure. Typically, the average time is 2 hours.

How long does it take to heat the hot tub?
The Miami hot tubs take approximately 8 hours, weather dependant. The Palm Springs hot tub can take 10 hours, The Monaco 36 hours, The 4 and 6 person hard hot tub 10 hours to heat. We can also fill you’re tub with hot water, depending on your taps.

Do we need anything in particular?
You will need a large flat area, size-dependant on the hot tub. You will also need an outside tap, but this is not essential. If our connecter will fit to a kitchen or bathroom tap and a nearby power point, you will not need an outside tap.

What are your payment methods?
You can pay via balance transfer, cash or card payment upon delivery.

£50 Deposit
As long as you have not damaged the hot tub, your deposit is refundable. Please see our terms and conditions for additional information. If you cancel, your deposit is not refundable under any circumstances. This is due to the high demand we have against booking our hot tubs.

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