Treat yourself...

To a tempting evening of relaxation in a serene hot tub spa. At Scottish Borders Hot Tub Hire, we bring the best in hot tub rental to you.

4-Person Hard Hot Tub

Our hard hot tubs have a truly authentic look.

Your desired hot tub is available with a 12 colour-changing LED light. It also has heated water and jets for a long-lasting relaxing experience. What’s more, its built-in hydrotherapy action combats the stress and strain of modern life. Therapeutic jets cause your blood vessels to dilate. This improves circulation, cardiac output, and the purification of toxins.

Immerse yourself in bubbling water to relieve tired, aching muscles and joints. This improves mobility and relaxes symptoms of rheumatism. Its massage jets aid arthritic conditions, stress reduction, and will restore feelings of wellbeing. Thanks to our hot tubs, you will enjoy a restful night’s sleep. Our 4-person hot tub has the following

Private Hot Tubs

Unwind and luxuriate in an inflatable or static spa from our company. We are renowned for the two premium static hot tubs we offer. These may be transported to your desire location, access and size permitting. Moving the hot tub will require a width of 85cm along paths or through gated areas. Our hard hot tubs, which are detailed on this page, are CE™, GS™, EMC™, and TUV™-approved.
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Inflatable Hot Tubs

5 Person - Hard Sided Hot Tub

Luxury, comfort and relaxation; perfect for winding down after a long day.
Modern, soft flowing lines with rounded corners and curved sides and a 12 colour changing LED light. Its shape has been carefully contoured to provide smooth, full depth seating, 2 natural reclining positions 3 seats.
Features also include supporting armrests, padded headrests and safety handrails, plus an entry step that doubles as a small child’s seat and a foot massage section in the floor well. Finished in an attractive granite-effect.

6-Person Hard Hot Tub

Whether for relaxation, therapy, or simple good fun, our super-size QuatroSpa™ is the premier choice.

Its contours provide smooth, full-depth seating. It also has a generous footwell for a natural resting position. Its reclining therapy seat will provide a unique massage for even the tallest people. What’s more, its entry step offers easy access and doubles as a child seat.

It also delivers air and water to each individual jet at equal pressure. This results in powerful performance. It has adjustable, therapeutic, rotating massage jets, positioned at key points for impressive effects. The captain’s seat has a 15-point ultrablast jet for the ultimate back massage. Its turbo air injection system adds millions of tiny energising air bubbles to the water. This gives an invigorating massage behind your back, around your legs, and under your feet with a 12 colour changing LED light. Its specification is as follows:

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